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Full Moon in Capricorn

On the Pacific Coast the Full Moon in Capricorn is Saturday evening at 9:06 pm and on the East Coast at 12:06 am Sunday morning.

As you know Full Moons are always emotional times. That magical Moon energy reaches deep into each of us and pulls up the threads of our emotional wounds.

Fortunately this Full Moon is in Capricorn a stable, grounded, earth energy. That is the positive. The negative is in Cancer conjoins the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn conjoins the Moon. In addition, the Moon squares Uranus in Aries.

So Mars, the planet of will, ego, drive; Pluto, the Lord of Karma and Transformation; and Uranus the planet of Change and Revolution will all stir the emotional Full Moon pot.

Power dynamics, relationship dynamics, and confrontations will be generated by this power gathering of planetary influences.

The Mercury in Leo energy may pressure you to speak boldly and brashly. This Full Moon will blow away your satisfaction with the status quo.

You will feel pulled and pushed into breaking free from whatever has been holding you back. A part of that includes ranting and railing at the Moon if you need to get your emotions out.

The plus is this Moon will bring up what you need to transform. Remember it is not what may come out of your mouth that needs to be transformed - it's the underlying wound that you need to identify and work to heal.

Some of the actions you can take during this Full Moon to manage your emotions are to drink lots and lots of water; spend time outside; stretch; swim; take a bath; and make a point to create a connection with the Moon. Be friends with the Moon.

If you've been doing your work this Full Moon will bring it to a successful completion. If you've been taking shortcuts expect your project to come apart. Hard work will be rewarded, everything else will lead to a restart.

Use this Full Moon to propel yourself forward in your healing. In my show, Metaphysical Musings, I shared quite a bit of information about the process of Forgiveness.

This Full Moon will open the unhealed wounds you carry that still require healing. You can listen to the podcast here:

Breathe; Drink Water; Take a Walk; Spend time in Nature; Meditate; Be Gentle with Yourself and Others; and definitely listen to my Metaphysical Musings about Forgiveness so you are prepared to maximize the energy from this Full Moon.

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