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"We are drowning in information but starved for knowledge." John Naisbitt

Preview Calendar for 2021


 December is the preview of the Creative Cycle of year, the first six months.


January is the preview of the Manifesting Cycle of the year, the second six months.


Each day represents one week.

Keep track of what occurs each day, you will be prepared for what occurs later in the year. The 2020 Preview Calendars will be listed shortly..

Dec 2020 Preview Calendar          Jan 2021 Preview Calendar

Quarterly Preview
This is an Online Only Event


Friday, June 25, 2021

What Does

July, August and September Hold For You?

Full Access: $16.00

Register here:  Registration Not Open Yet

To order the Quarterly Preview Handout and CD for past events and future event

send a request through the Contact page.

Future Quarterly Previews have not been Scheduled

Audio recordings and Handouts are available for purchase. Contact Solarzar for more information.

Schedule a Consultation with Solarzar
To Schedule a Time Based Session with Solarzar

Guided Tarot Sessions

Astrology Sessions

Buy a special package good for use now or later.

When buying an Astrology Session send your Date of Birth, Time of Birth and Place of Birth to me through the contact page first.

Leadership Magic: The Journey from Trickster to Sage


Leadership Magic is about the journey of self.


In ages past, a gathering of experts would school a young noble in the arts of war, letters, horsemanship, diplomacy, and life. These experts were not just teachers; their relationship with their liege was often more personal.

Leadership Magic is your personal leadership journey.


A Master Trainer and Award Winning Speaker. Cited as an Admired Leader in the revised edition of “Credibility: How Leaders Gain And Lose It, Why People Demand It”, by James Kouzes and Barry Posner,

Solarzar offers this inspiring guide to being the leader you already are.

Purchase Leadership Magic Here


Transform Yourself with Meditation in Theta


Solarzar worked with a team in South Africa to produce this original Theta meditation music.

The track will move you from the waking Beta state, through the Alpha state into deep Delta.

Theta assists with deep relaxation, meditation, creativity, & increased memory. You can play this music softly in the background as you work and it will assist with your thinking and focus. You can also use it as background to your meditation - it will assist shifting your meditative state.

The predominant frequency used on this audio track for brainwave entrainment is 4Hz, which accesses the Theta brainwave state. The length of the track is 24 minutes, 47 seconds.

There are no other products available from Good Vibrations Radio® at this time.

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