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Midsummer, and the Energy of July

It's been a while since I posted. I missed pointing out all the shifts in April, May and June, including our wonderful Summer Solstice.

Nonetheless, we are in the month of July, the first month in the Manifesting Cycle of the year. The month when the USA celebrates it's birth with the signing of the Declaration of Independence on July 4th, and the month when we start to feel the backward journey of our Sun as the days grow slowly shorter.

On June 30th we held our Quarterly Preview as our stepping stone from the Solstice to the Autumn Equinox. This time is the time to have some fun, to let go of the seriousness of the world around you.

The transits this month are asking us to pay attention to our communication. The card for the month is XVII, The Star, which is the card of Silence in the OSHO Zen Tarot. This energy is about going inside to the depths of your inner dialogue. Only by plumbing the depths of your inner silence will you gain the insights and understandings you need to move forward.

The Full Moon in Capricorn 9:08 PM (PDT) on July 8th will force an inner examination. While the grounding energy of Capricorn will keep the emotions from exploding, it will also hide what others are feeling because Capricorn likes to play its emotions close to the vest. As already mentioned, watch what you say and watch who you say it to.

If you've been doing your work, inner and outer, this Full Moon will bring you close to success. Expect to move forward. If you've been taking shortcuts and not doing the work, expect to see your plans come apart.

So, as we journey through our Midsummer continue to do your inner work. Continue to be careful with your communication and know that this month may be more work than you would like. You will be able to have fun and enjoy yourself if you keep the deep work internal for you and your outer connections light, social and fun.

I'll be back soon. Namaste.

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