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Giving Thanks is a Full Time Job!

On November 24th in the U.S. we celebrate Thanksgiving. Established to give thanks in memory of the celebratory feast when the indigenous peoples of Massachusetts brought their native dishes and foods to feed the starving Pilgrims who were ill-prepared to survive the Massachusetts winter.

Since the establishment of this holiday it has become almost mythic in its reverence and hail holy status. Following this election, where 49% of the voting population did not vote; and of those who voted 47% voted for the Electoral College winner, Donald Trump, and 48% voted for the Electoral College loser, Hillary Clinton.

The U.S. has lost stature in the world by electing a Racist, Xenophobic, Islamophobic, Misogynistic, serial Sexual Predator. We have to live that fact.

At the same time as the Sioux attempt to protect their Native land from intrusion that same group of people who elected Trump sent armed riot police to quell the non-existent riot of Native people protecting their sacred land.

At this time of year, as you give thanks, give thanks that you have a Divine Light that you can shine into the world; give thanks that you have a voice that you sound into the world; and give thanks that you are willing to stand and be counted among those who care for all people. Give thanks that you are willing to speak out against injustice. And give thanks that you will not let your comfort or ease prevent you from standing up against those who are oppressed by the people in power.

Be part of the whole, not apart from the whole. Blessings for a Happy Thanksgiving. Namaste!

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