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Full Moon, Lunar Eclipse and More...

Today’s Full Moon and penumbra Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius begin a season of shift.

No matter where you are in this year, or where you think you are headed you will be shifting.

Our Moon is full at 2:26 am [PDT] on August 18. The penumbra eclipse, which means the moon will only enter the Earth’s shadow slightly, making it harder to see in the sky, occurs at 2:27 am [PDT].

This is the start of an Eclipse Season followed by a Solar Eclipse on September 1 and a Lunar Eclipse on September 16.

This period of shift will effect changes in everyone’s life. Eclipses open doors to new opportunities and bring closure to areas that have passed their usefulness.

Your ability to maximize and integrate the energy from this shift is based on your openness to the changes presented. The more you resist the more drama and trauma you create. The more you flow with the shift to see where it leads, the sooner you will benefit.

This Full Moon is connected by aspect to the Hand of God constellation discovered in 2014. We are being guided into a new, transformative life phase that will reach a new level by the end of September 2016.

Although Aquarius Full Moons aren’t as emotionally demonstrative as Full Moons in other signs, there will be some angry moments. The emotions are less drive by the Aquarian Full Moon than by the karmic shifts created through the Lunar Eclipse and the Hand of God.

With Saturn and Neptune still in square you are required to discern the reality from the fantasy in your life. In addition the Mercury – Jupiter alignment is bringing new awareness and enthusiasm to your perspective. A perspective that will focus on what is important in your life, what can you release, what can you let in.

Chiron, the Wounded Healer is also triggered by this Full Moon, resurrecting those unhealed childhood wounds. Remember you spend your life reacting to your childhood wounds until you heal the cause. The best healing for you is still the practice of Ho’Oponopono from the Hawaiian Huna Healing tradition. Simply repeat the four phrases to yourself: I Love You; I’m Sorry; Please Forgive Me; Thank You. Ensure that you do them with intention. Do them when something occurs; do them when you wish you had behaved differently; do them when you recall a past event that you want to reframe. The point is: do them.

Allow Chiron to heal your wounds so you are open to the transformational changes occurring from this collection of astrological events.

While you will feel more self-involved during this period, you will be more focused on the words you hear and say, than on your feelings. Don't ignore your feelings.

Today, August 18, may feel slightly off-center as the confluence of energies begin to tug at you. Watch your emotions, ignore the emotions of others and remember you have just started this journey.

If you feel imposed upon or pulled at, just get some time alone. Talk a walk. Get in nature. Take some deep breaths. Just know the changes that are coming are changes driven by love; self-love extended into love of others.

Don’t abandon yourself at the start. Self-care and self-love. Be open to the shift.

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