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Cancer New Moon - A Time to Heal

We have our Cancer Sun and now our New Moon starts the day at 4:01 am Pacific.

Since the New Moon is in Cancer we certainly have powerful opportunities for new beginnings in the areas of home and family. A time to cook, clean, redo, expand or just plain do.

This is a good time to recognize those who support our goals, in action, not just word alone.

While our Cancer new Moon with the Sun, Venus and Mercury in Cancer creates a very nurturing, protective, caring and loving period.

Since this New Moon is also in opposition to Pluto in Capricorn we may find this transit as emotionally fulfilling, deep, loving and passionate or we may find feelings of hurt and rejection being brought to the surface.

Pluto reveals the areas where we feel empowered or disempowered. Pluto brings up that which is hidden, our shadow side. We can acknowledge that has subconsciously sabotaging our lives to turn in into a higher constructive, conscious energy.

This New Moon can bring out our best, or our worst, or both. We may just swing back and forth through the course of the day.

Our goals is to restore our balance. If we feel our emotional needs are not being met we have to avoid Plutonian power struggles. Since there is so much Cancerian energy we will feel extra sensitive and vulnerable.

If feeling extra sensitive in encounters, retreat until you are able to assess non-emotionally. Watch for the emotional swings. They are instructive about the areas we feel the least balanced and empowered.

Look at the areas of your life where you have compromised because you believe that is what you are supposed to do. Know if the compromise is truly a letting go, or if it is actually a sacrifice of who you are. Use the energy of this New Moon to reframe, reform and become the you that you are here to be.

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