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Saturn Squares Neptune; Summer Solstice; Full Moon in Sagittarius

Starting Friday, June 17 through Monday, June 20, we have big happenings in our heavens.

At 8:29 pm [PDT] Saturn in Sagittarius squares Neptune in Pisces on Friday.

This is the down to earth, get your feet on the ground in reality Saturn telling our ethereal, mystical, illusionary Neptune to “Snap Out Of It!”

Unfortunately this is pretty much a standoff.

We will find ourselves feeling less capable, and feel certain everyone is being less dependable than before (whenever before was)!

With Saturn and Neptune fighting we end up feeling less than safe; less than loved; less than financially solvent; less than capable; and less than proud of our life and what we’ve accomplished.

Saturn, as task master, insists we evaluate our life and our place realistically, not in a Neptune dream cloud. Neptune, who normally can’t understand Saturn, is even less understanding in his Piscean retrograde (Neptune went Retrograde in Pisces, Monday, June 13 at 1:43 pm [PDT]).

This is a perfect for writing down where and what you want to shift in your life. IT IS NOT the time to make any radical, major, massive, life-altering decisions or changes.

Let your list marinate. You will review it later once you’ve shaken off the illusion of your victim mentality.

As Annie reminds us, “The Sun will come out tomorrow!”

And speaking of the Sun.

At 3:34 PM [PDT], Monday, June 20 the Sun enters Cancer. Summer formally arrives on a Full Moon day (more on that in a bit). It’s Summer Solstice!

The Sun is entering into the kindness, sensitivity, home, country, motherhood and fear of rejection sign of Cancer.

It’s important to take some time to go outside. Even if others are not connecting to you extend your heart connection to them.

This is the height of the power of the Sun which will immediately begin reversing it’s time in the sky. The solstice is a marker of time for a celebration of the Sun and the Earth.

This is the time of the greatest Creative Fire of the Sun. Do a Solstice ceremony to welcome the height of the Sun, the opening of Summer. It is a time to connect with Nature, to see ourselves as an essential part of the cycle of life.

With all the turmoil of this year, this month and this week, a walk on a beach or in the woods is just the right medicine to heal for what ails us.

Since Cancer is the perpetual mother this is a perfect time to connect with Mother Earth and honor her for the bounty she provides. Enjoy being alive and being a part of life.

Starting at 4 am [PDT] we have a Full Moon, a full moon of deep emotional context.

The Moon rules our past, our subconscious, and our emotions. When she shines full we feel and recall all those elements.

It is, after all, a Full Moon. This can bring out the worst in us as we try to vent and release all our suppressed, pent up anger, fear, resentment, or even our need to martyr ourselves on the pyre of sympathy from our co-dependent supporters.

Fortunately, Sagittarius is hopeful, seeking the rainbow after the storm and the light at the end of the tunnel. With this support the emotional purge may not be as heavy.

One note of caution about the Sagittarius energy is his incessant need to be direct, blunt and to the point. Sagittarius is known for speaking his mind before his mind has a chance to think about what he is saying.

Watch for arrows sent your way, and watch that you are not emptying your quiver at others with your arrow of words.

If you find yourself in any group outing this is not a good time to talk about who has gas; who chews with their mouth full; or even who is wrong in their beliefs or opinions. Any element challenged on this day is likely to become larger than intended and carry wounds longer than needed.

Remember everyone is experiencing words and observations. Forgive and be forgiving.

Remember what Michael Chase shares from his School of Kindness, think “Am I Being Kind”.

This Full Moon is a good energy in a good time and place. Enjoy your Solstice, Enjoy your Full Moon.

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