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Gemini New Moon, June 4 and Mutable Grand Cross

Gemini New Moon

June is going to be one active month energetically. It gets a big push out of the gate with Saturday’s Gemini New Moon at 8 PM (PDT). This is the time for looking under the covers of what we have, what we’ve chosen and what is really important for us to shift.

Gemini is a Mutable sign meaning it is adjustable and relates to the concepts of duality and inhabiting different worlds.

We still have three planets in retrograde: Mars in Scorpio; Saturn in Sagittarius; Pluto in Capricorn. Mercury went direct on May 22 and will leave the shadow June 7.

While retrograde Mars, which loves Scorpio, will shake you by the shoulders to look at what you’ve been doing. It also tells you to slow down, be clear, and get ready to take action. Saturn our great teacher while retrograde wants us to examine our foundation, is your house in good running order, are you doing the most efficient things in your life, or are you just living by routine. With the energy of Sagittarius Saturn wants to rebuild your infrastructure so you can take your talents out into the world.

Our other retrograde planet is Pluto, in Capricorn, good, solid earth energy. Pluto is all about transformation whether we are ready or not. Pluto is asking us to identify what we need to let go so we can accept the new energy. With the practical energy of Capricorn Pluto won’t do too much at once, but it will rebuild, redesign and refurbish whether you intended to or not.

Venus in Gemini is conjunct the Sun in Gemini. The Sun generates the energy of self, our place in the world, how we see ourselves and how others see us. Venus is about love, romance and connection. With this conjunction we are asked to look at how we are in our relationships.

Saturday’s New Moon in Gemini conjuncts the Sun in Gemini and conjuncts Venus in Gemini. Saturn in Sagittarius, Jupiter in Virgo and Neptune in Pisces will square the Sun, Moon and Venus.

The Venus Square to Neptune will drive us to face the illusions we’ve built in our relationships. Some say this is a beautiful time to enter a relationship, but this square is about going deeper in existing relationships by removing the illusions to bring it back to reality.

The Jupiter Saturn opposition can make us feel hopeful for a change but weighed down by what we see as the steps needed to make the shifts. The Gemini energy will confuse our decision making ability by the shifting diorama of looking at all sides of the issues. Since the primary energy of our retrograde planets, and the powerful energy of the New Moon focus not on what is missing in your life, but on what you can do, and who you can be to create the shifts in your life.

Your creative energies will explode. Your dreams will be vivid. Don’t struggle with trying to mentally figure out what you need to do, only identify what you need to change. Don’t worry about how it will happen, only trust that it will happen as intended if you allow it.

Close the chapters of your life that were created through illusion. Release the childhood wounds that created the emotional attachments of want versus need. Bring out your inner adult and shine your light.

Be blessed on your journey.

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