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Integrity in Metaphysics/New Age

I've been a student of Metaphysics my entire life.

A study of Metaphysics covers so many diverse elements, modalities and courses of study that it is almost unfair to make any sweeping or general statement about the field as a total.

My latest study is Mitch Horowitz's book "Occult America". It is a fascinating amalgam that offers everything from Joseph Smith; Freemasonry; Madame Blavatsky; the Fox sisters; Theosophy; Rosicrucians; B.O.T.A.; the Golden Dawn; Silver Shirts; St. Germain; and much more. So many practices, thoughts and ideas are far older than many today know.

In the last thirteen years I've been affiliated with the ROTA Psychic Fair in Monterey, California. The founder Julie King approached me many years ago about the potential of taking over the fair. She founded it 35 years ago, had moved to North Carolina and was finding the management of the Fair increasingly difficult from that distance. After years of working together I finally took over ownership in 2013. That was the same year that I was laid off from my full time employment.

Since I had time, focus and need I put a great deal of attention into the ROTA Psychic Fair. That immersion and involvement presented me with a series of circumstances that I had not anticipated.

I've discovered many within the community lack the core element of integrity. They hide their lack behind their expressed spiritual need; spiritual guide; channel; angel direction; inner guidance; or what ever element, entity, being or belief they choose to call the reason they operate with a lack of integrity. At that same time many of these persons present themselves as heart centric practitioners of whatever it is they do.

I've begun to track those with whom I interact based on their integrity. Integrity can evolve for a person, but it never imposes on someone else. For those who operate from self-interest versus integrity I don't have any respect.

This is the year of graduation, it's time to graduate from manipulative people. Let others be where they are, but don't allow them to manipulate you for their self-interest.

Look into your life to find those who have pursued their agenda at your expense. It is time to eliminate them emotionally from your life. Be kind, be gentle but be clear with yourself.

Many blessings.

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