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How to Know You're in a Cult

Infrequently we’ve discussed the issue of cults on Good Vibrations Radio(r). Cults are an insidious part of the Metaphysical community. They are also an accepted part of American society. Evangelical Christianity is cult-driven. Many dogmatic Roman Catholics, especially U.S. Roman Catholics, are cult-drive. Hell, I served in the U.S. Marine Corps for 21 years, definitely cult-driven.

The problem with most people’s understanding is that a cult must contain all elements identified with a cult in order to be considered a cult. Bottom line when there is any dogma or belief that the group has access, knowledge or insight to information that is only known to the group members, that is a cult.

This article identified the traditional warning signs of cults. Be certain to not make this the inclusive checklist, make this the list of warning signs – one is enough. Use your good judgment and reason, but use it.

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